Botanika Gardens is a San Francisco based business owned and operated by Melinda Rose. Melinda began her gardening career as a volunteer at San Francisco's Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum (SFBG) where she assisted the gardener of the unique Cloud Forest Garden. She then acquired hands on experience at a local retail garden center and assisting a variety of local gardeners. With Twenty-Three years of combined gardening experience Melinda and her crew can handle almost anything you need to get done in your garden.

Melinda and crew attend classes and lectures often to keep up on little used techniques and to learn from their peers. Of note is Melinda's Education at San Francisco City College Ornamental Horticulture Department and many classes and seminars at the SFBG , and The Urban Farmer Store.


Melinda currently enjoys passing on her love nature as a children's docent at the SFBG.